Great meeting is recognized when there is an active engagement from participants. Our Arecas Meeting Rooms are professionally designed respecting the Khmer contemporary art. The glass wall offer the natural daylight to awake the attendees, overlooking the clear vibrant of urban Siem Reap, yet without the outside interrupted sound. The high ceiling offers great air ventilation and echo free, and equipped with modern audio technology to accelerate your meeting objective more successfully. The wooden chair offers a great.  Learn More


The Clearwater swimming pool is widely spread over the scenic greenery to photosynthesize the natural fragrance of orchid, jasmine, and colorful of hibiscus. Natural daylight allows the great sunshine for tanning. A true journey never ends by enjoying a restful day at our Poolside, where the odorous multi-colour flowers aided of your day; the jasmine flower is a symbol of attachment, modesty and grace. Jasmine flowers are also renowned for their beautiful scent. What about grapping some snacks to chill with the cold beers on the airy swing.  Learn More


Tamarind is known as the heirloom ingredient in Cambodian way, we normally use Tamarind in many different ways to complement the flavor on our daily foods. The Khmer-inspired design, Tamarind Restaurant, dedicates the deep understanding of Khmer gastronomic to blend the traditional with contemporary dishes. The well-selected Asian & Western cuisines are also introduced here following Khmer-art serving way from Breakfast, Lunch to Dinner, which every bit will remain you wanting more!  Learn More

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