Meeting Room

Great meeting is recognized when there is an active engagement from participants. Our Arecas Meeting Rooms are professionally designed respecting the Khmer contemporary art. The glass wall offer the natural daylight to awake the attendees, overlooking the clear vibrant of urban Siem Reap, yet without the outside interrupted sound. The high ceiling offers great air ventilation and echo free, and equipped with modern audio technology to accelerate your meeting objective more successfully. The wooden chair offers a great
The features are:

  • PA sound system with wireless microphones
  • Personal Computer with CD room with internet hook up
  • LCD projector with big Screen & Overhead projector
  • Flip chart & White board
  • Podium

Grand Areca

Setup Capacity
Theatre 160 people
Classroom 140 people
Board Room 44 people
U-Shape 60 people
Cluster/ Cabaret 60 people
Cocktails Reception 170 people
Dinner 120 people



Mini Areca

Setup Capacity
Theatre 40 people
Classroom 30 people
Board Room 25 people
U-Shape 20 people
Cluster/ Cabaret 20 people
Cocktails Reception 55 people
Dinner 35 people

Glass Areca

Setup Capacity
Theatre 25 people
Classroom 20 people
Board Room 15 people
U-Shape 10 people
Cluster/ Cabaret 10 people
Cocktails Reception 30 people
Dinner 20 people


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