Meeting Room

Great meeting is recognized when there is an active engagement from participants. Our Arecas Meeting Rooms are professionally designed respecting the khmer contemporary art. The glass wall offer the natural daylight to awake the attendees, overlooking the clear vibrant of urban Siem Reap, yet without the outside interrupted sound.

The high ceiling offers great air ventilation and echo free, and equipped with modern audio technology to accelerate your meeting objective more successfully. The Wooden chair offers a great.

  • 24 Month / 24,000km Nationwide Warranty monotone
  • Curabitur dapibus nisl a urna congue, in pharetra urna accumsan.
  • Customer Rewards Program and excellent technology

The Features

Perfect Blend of Elegance and Efficiency: Our Meeting Room at Memoire Siem Reap Hotel - Where Contemporary Khmer Art Meets State-of-the-Art Facilities. Elevate Your Meetings with Stunning Urban Views, Advanced Audio Technology, and Unparalleled Comfort.

High-quality PA system with wireless microphones for clear audio, offering speaker mobility and ensuring every word reaches the audience.

Provided personal computer with CD-ROM, ideal for multimedia content, featuring high-speed internet for live streaming and video conferencing.

Top-tier LCD Projector and Big Screen for vivid, sharp visual presentations, ideal for slideshows, videos, and live demonstrations.

Ideal for transparencies and handwritten documents, ensuring clear room-wide visibility and a traditional presentation touch.

Professional podium available for speakers, offering stability for notes and laptops, enhancing focus and engagement in formal meetings and events.